Two new lures for trout fishing enthusiasts

Small, they say, is beautiful and we hope this is the case of the new releases that Molix is introducing into the market at the beginning of 2015. After the FC45/MR, the finesse crankbait, there are two products especially, but not exclusively, dedicated to trout fishermen, who fish both in natural environments or stocked reservoirs.


Molix crankbait family grows: FC45/MR

2015 begins with a new contender, the FC45/MR, a tiny finesse crankbait that will pair with very successful lures as the F-Crank SR and F-Crank DR, MX35, SB Crank 55 or the VS Crank 200, well known lures among the black bass fishermen community.

fc45mr 01Available around January the 20th, this new model is the smaller and lightest of the whole Molix crankbait series, measuring only 4.5cm and with a weight of 5g it sure is a finesse lure, hence devoted to a very specific use. As good bass fishermen as you are you sure know that there are moments when it looks like fish have disappeared from planet heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that you can see them lazily swimming near the shoreline you would think that your favorite spot has been emptied the night before. Sometimes though, even when fish are aggressive, we don’t manage to get a bite en this probably is due to the fact that bass are feeding on very small baitfish stacked around the structures. In both cases the FC45/MR could we aour ticket to get the bite we have been looking for so long.

The FC45/MR Finesse Crankbait will be available in 8 different colors.

Molix Team a Cuba

Quite a large Pro Tackles team, together with Lorenzo Rocchigiani e Simone Boesso (Jack Fin), spent a week at the Queen’s Gardens (Cuba) reefs and lagoons, testing lures, rods and accessories. All product by Molix, Fioretto, Skirmjan, XBait, OMTD and Jack Fin. The weather conditions, sometimes too rough because of the strong wind, made the test even tougher, while chasing the limits. The experience could be resumed as an overwhelming mix of catches and emotions. The team got back to Italy with a basket full of amazing memories in need of being arranged through recordings and photos, the values of an adventure shared together and a vast heritage of technical knowledge that – thru time – will benefit many fishermen, because they will find it inside each Molix, Fioretto, Skirmjan, XBait, OMTD and Jack Fin product.

Molix Team a Cuba 01

Molix Team a Cuba 02

Molix Team a Cuba 04

Molix Team a Cuba

Molix Team a Cuba 06

Molix Team a Cuba

Nuovi colori per il Finder Jerk 150

There are two new colors for Molix’s classic jerkbait, the Finder Jerk 150. We added these patterns that are achieving a wide success among saltwater fishermen, and that have been requested many times. Both colors are already available for different Molix lures such the Finder 110 and  more. (more…)

Distribution agreement with Pitman Creek

Pro Tackles and Pitman Creek Wholesale from Hustonville Kentucky, have reached a non exclusive distribution agreement of MOLIX branded products throughout the US. The agreement, born after a couple of  years of negotiations during ICAST, was signed during the annual Pitman Creek Wholesale Show held on 19 and 20 of October in Somerset, Kentucky.

molix-pitman 01The Pitman Creek Wholesale is an historic company founded in 1978 in Somerset, close to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, a favorite destination for US bass fishermen. The company changed hands in 1993, bought by James Coffey who has captained and made ​​it grow to this day. The Pitman Creek Wholesale has built its reputation on superior customer service, fast delivery, a sales network always accessible to customers, as well as the availability of “high quality” specific products and dedicated “hard to find” items.

Pitman Creek is committed to providing our dealers with the highest level of customer service available in the fishing tackle industry. “We are dedicated to pro-actively addressing our customers’ needs – like Molix in this case – to help run their business as efficiently as possible and accomplish their goals” commented Chief Operating Officer, John D. Johnson.

“We are honored to be working with such a professional and highly qualified partner as Pitman Creek Wholesale. We are convinced that a close cooperation between our companies will lead to the achievement of important goals for the US market “- said Paolo Vannini, Molix international general manager. “I was impressed by the professionalism of their sales network, customer service and the great team work among the various colleagues of the company. James Coffey, the owner, has managed to create an important reality, constantly growing, combining to the best motivation and business needs of the American consumer, “- said Elio Canuti, Molix’s manager for foreign markets.

“We believe that our company can help – thanks to the attention to detail and the care with which we design and manufacture our products – to expand the range of Pitman Creek with very interesting tackle for their customers. Our goal is to create a strong partnership based on common strategies and actions that will bring benefit to both keeping in mind what are the needs of the dealers and the US consumer, “- Paolo Vannini concluded.