Skirmjan Predator Hunter Rods


Product Description


This versatile rod is made for light fishing techniques, both in FW and SW, with small spoons, minnows, micro jigs and softbaits. It is recommended for fishing in small lakes or streams with a reduced water flow. The excellent sensitivity and the good power reserve make it particularly suitable for the drop shot technique. It is able to face even the challenging fights.

Length: 7’0” (213 cm)
Lure: 1/16 – 1/4 oz (1,7 – 7 g)
Line: 4 – 10 lb
Action: Fast


It is a tool for light fishing techniques with a particular predisposition to be used for trout fishing in lakes and streams. In lake environments, using a heavier spoon, the reactive blank enhances its characteristics on long distances trout fishing. The rod is excellent also using small jig heads, in the lakes or streams, near the bank. Thanks to the very sensitive full carbon tip it is able to transmit even the most timid attacks to the fisherman.

Length: 7’6” (229 cm)
Lure: 1/64 – 1/4 oz (0,5 – 7 g)
Line: 2 – 5 lb
Action: Extra Fast


It is the shorter and lighter rod of the series, it is multi-purpose and in two sections. It is responsive, light and sensitive and lends itself for different kind of fishing, from the light spinning in the mountains looking for trouts to the modern street fishing and the light salt water fishing.

Length: 6’6” (198 cm)
Lure: 1/8 – 3/8 oz (3.5 – 10 g)
Line: 4 – 10 Lb
Action: Fast


It is a strong and multi-purpose fishing rod. This rod is sensitive and balanced and lends itself to large predators fishing like bass in finesse fishing, seabass fishing using softbaits  and trout fishing using medium-sized minnows.

Length: 6’8” (203 cm)
Lure: 3/16 – 1/2 oz (5 – 14 g)
Line: 6 – 12 Lb
Action: Fast


It is a very strong and responsive rod, in two sections, suitable for the most challenging fishing techniques, especially in areas where, even if you can not use the heavier equipment, we need a prompt response that helps us to fight even the large saltwater predators.

Length: 6’8” (203 cm)
Lure: 1/4 – 1 oz (7 – 28 g)
Line: 8 – 14 Lb
Action: Fast


It is a polyvalent rod, in two sections, for hardbaits or softbaits up to 10 gr. High performance in trout fishing and in street fishing.



Length:7’0” (213 cm)
Lure.: 1/8 – 3/8 oz (3.5 – 10 g)
Line: 6 – 12 Lb
Action: Fast


It is a two-section rod, extremely versatile and multi-purpose with a regular fast action and a considerable power reserve to face large predators. It can be used effectively in the rivers looking for big asp or big trout and in salt water for seabass fishing from the reef.

Length: 7’9” (236 cm)
Lure.: 3/8 – 1.1/4 oz (10 – 35 g)
Line: 15 – 25 Lb
Action: Regular Fast


This is a rod in two sections, extra fast and perfect for all predators, fishing with softbaits and jigheads. It has a very conical shape so it is extremely sensitive and effectively transmit the contact with the seabed and the most timid bites to the angler even in deep waters and with fast currents. It handle stressfull fights even with large predators.

Length: 7’9” (236 cm)
Lure: 3/8 – 1 oz (10 – 28 g)
Line: 10 – 20 Lb
Action: Fast



It is the strongest rod in the series for large predators of fresh and salt water. The length allows it to be used both from inshore and offshore. Despite the great power, the high max drag and the remarkable casting performances, it is equipped with a very sensitive tip, to handle easily even very light baits that are often used wels catfish or tunas.

Length: 7’10” (240 cm)
Lure.: 2 – 3.1/2 oz (60 – 100 g)
MAX Drag: 10 Kg
Action: Regular Fast



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