Skirmjan Saltwater Power Series Rods


Product Description

The rods Skirmjan “Power Series” are made of innovative materials and technologies. They are lightweight,sensitive and their special taper improves the efficiency and the reliability. The process “Carbon Tape” that covers the rough materials increases the reactivity of the rod during stressful conditions and reduces the mechanical stress during the torsion.



It is a specific rod for spinning with lures up to 50 gr. It is designed for shore and offshore fishing searching predators such as sea bass, Barracuda, bonito and Dolphinfish.

The features of this tool are the very responsive body and the sensitive tip.

Spinning – Offset

Length: 7’3” (220 cm)

Lure: 1/2>1.3/4 oz (15>50 g)

PE Line: 1.2>2.5 (10>30 Lb)

Action: Regular Fast


It is a specific tool to use lures up to 80 gr. It is ideal for fishing mediterranean pelagics and jacks, such as bluefish, bonito, dolphinfish and Lecce Amia, and tropical predators like Snapper, small blue Trevally, Snook, Jack, and Tarpon. The length allows it to be used both on-shore and off-shore where the quick and nervous action will be perfect for large jerks and popper.

Spinning – Offset

Length: 7’7” (231 cm)

Lure: 5/8>2.3/4 oz (20>80 g)

PE Line: 2>4 (20>40 Lb)

Action: Regular Fast


It is a tool developed to fight with large predators like Tuna, amberjacks, Alletterati, medium sized Lecce Amia and tropical fish.

The action is progressive and deep and is characterized by a particular tip , “Soft” and sensitive. This feature  allows a perfect management of floating or sinking stick baits and casting jigs.

Spinning – Offset

Length: 7’7” (231 cm)

Lure: 2>3.1/2 oz (60>100 g)

PE Line: 3>5 (30>50 Lb)

Action: Regular Fast


It is a tool that allows the fisherman to use different types of heavy baits while he is searching for big saltwater predators related, both in Mediterranean and in warm tropical seas.

This model enables the optimal use of poppers, stick baits and big minnows and is characterized by the high “Max Drag” and the strong PEs that can be used in relation to the power declared.

Game Special

Length: 7’6’’ – 229 cm

Lure Max: 4.3/8 oz – 130 g

PE Max: 6

MAX DRAG 45’: 10 kg


It is a specific tool for red tuna in the Mediterranean and for the big tropical GTs with the stick baits, both floating that sinking. The action is progressive, characterized by a soft tip, it is sensitive and with a vast reservoir of power that allows the angler to use PE of 100LBS and a max drag up to 13 KG.

Tuna Stick Special

Length: 7’9’’ – 240 cm

Lure Max: 5.3/4 oz – 160 g

PE Max: 8

MAX DRAG 45’: 13 KG


It is a specific rod for the Shore Jigging. It can effectively fight predators like amberjacks, dentex and medium-sized tunas. The regular slow action that characterizes it is round and deep, with a great power reserve. The “soft” and sensitive tip allows a perfect management of the metal jigs made for shore jigging, but it can be used also with sinking or floating stick baits.

Length: 9’6” (292 cm)
Lure Max: 3.1/2 oz (100 g)
PE: 2.5 – 4
Line: 15 – 35 Lb
MAX Drag: 8 Kg
Action: Regular Slow


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