Supernato Walk

Product Description

With the Supernato Walk project, Molix proposes a new concept of bait for fishing in heavy cover with a hybrid and eclectic solution that will help to expand the possibilities of use and the range of action. On the surface like a classic WTD, at medium depth like a jerk or on the bottom like a soft bait. Squeeze it with a slight pressure on the body and get the amount of water needed to use it at the desired depth. The Supernato Walk switch with ease as wtd swimming on the surface, to the suspending stop & go with wide irregular jerks at medium depth. Once completely filled it skips and feed like a small forage fish that sneaks on the bottom keeping a perfect vertical position. The exclusive double weight positioned in the front and in the rear side of the body determines a perfect balance in all situations of use. The skirt on tail, silicon rubber, accentuates the sinuosity of the movement during recovery and sinking. Equipped with a strong double hook custom made by OMTD. Endorsed by Mike “Ike” Iaconelli.
Weight: 12 g (7/16 oz)
Length: 9,5 cm (3.3/4 in)
Deep Range: VARIABLE


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