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Molix Convention 2018

The annual “Molix Convention” ended on 11-11-2018. The convention is an event where ProTackles  and  Molix host the guys of the Italian Molix Crew to present the news and the upcoming projects.
The guys of the Crew come, with passion, from many parts of Italy and they compose a careful and selected audience. They see their contribution in the products and this is publicly acknowledged by the company during the presentation of the novelties.
The meeting is also an opportunity to discuss the individual experiences in saltwater and freshwater fishing ,lakes and rivers of all kinds and at any altitude. A large variety of strikes in every condition. The guests are able to discuss about the experiments sometimes unthinkable if there had not been the intuition of the moment. The fisherman who catches the moment.

You will hear about the news that have captured the attention of the guests : the new series of the Fioretto Speciale rods, tested about one year, that will be marketed in 2019. The evolution of the well-known Skirmjan EVO for salt water fishing and the innovative baits and accessories to improve the performances and the passion of the fishermen.
In these products there is both the knowledge of the Italian Crew and of the Spanish and American professional  anglers and around the world.
As in any self-respecting event there have been awards, images and videos showing the work, the products, from the initial idea, through a careful design development,the prototyping phase and then the endless tests in the water to reach, details after details, the final goal,  despite all the difficulties.
At the end of the last day, that was dedicated to the most important customers, there was a strong desire to see the Molix “jewels” as soon as possible available for the fishermen from all over the world.