Molix Jerk 140

Product Description

The Molix Jerk 140 is equipped with strong split rings and premium quality treble hooks. It’s a sinking lure with a hydrodynamic profile and an extremely compact shape, which allow the fishermen to reach long distances on casting.
It is made of a thick and tough ABS shell,where is placed a steel armor of 1.4 mm “full wire”,this means that the armor is along the entire length of the bait.
Internal balance and weights distribution have been studied for long to keep the horizontal position, with the characteristic and marked “wobbling” while the bait is sinking. During a linear retrieval the lure draws a large, sinuous “S”. The action of jerking, combined with a linear retrieval is highly effective: the lure makes a movement “side to side” with long directional changes and belly flops. When the bait is retrieved slowly, with continuous regular jerks, it stays long in the fishing area thanks to wide movements from left to right.
Action: Sinking
Length: 14 cm (5,5 in)
Weight: 85 g (3 oz)


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