Fioretto Selvatica

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Lightness, precision, versatility. These the new Trout rods designed by Molix in pure vintage style. Tradition is combined with the exclusive Fioretto’s “high carbon” coupling technology and Fuji Fazlite guides. The full collection feature rods with different actions and lengths designed for fishing Brown Trouts in small mountain streams to medium and big river’s monster Marble Trouts. The more powerful versions have excellent performance for sea bass fishing in the river mouth. The Fioretto Selvatica are designed in Italy and tested in Europe by our pro staffs. 

The Fioretto Selvatica rods come with Fuji FazLite rings. Light and sturdy, designed to be used with braided lines and capable of enduring unfavourable environmental conditions. The special patented and eco-friendly “CC” (Corrosion Control) treatment that is used to manufacture the frames is sevenfold more resistant to corrosion than the old stainless-steel ones. 


Length: 5’6” (168 cm)
Lure: 1-5 g
PE Max: 0.4
Line: 2-6 lb
Weight: 100 g


Length: 6’3” (190 cm)
Lure: 2-8 g
PE Max: 0.5
Line: 4-8 lb
Weight: 111 g


Length: 6’9” (206 cm)
Lure: 4-12 g
PE Max: 0.6
Line: 5-10 lb
Weight: 125 g


Length: 7’6” (229 cm)
Lure: 7-21 g
PE Max: 0.8
Line: 6-12 lb
Weight: 144 g


Length: 8’2” (249 cm)
Lure: 10-30 g
PE Max: 1
Line: 8-16 lb
Weight: 158 g


Length: 8’6” (259 cm)
Lure: 15-45 g
PE Max: 1.2
Line: 10-20 lb
Weight: 177 g


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