Skirmjan EVO Pike Hunter Rods


Product Description

Casting Rods


It is a specific rod to use Jerk baits dedicated to pike fishing, from 28g to 110g. This rod is extremely reactive to the stresses caused by the angler who must give the necessary movement to the bait for the exercise of this technique. The low weight and the perfect balance are extremely useful in longer and more demanding fishing sessions. It is also a good choice for belly boat fishing with medium weight lures.

Length: 6’6” (198 cm)
Lure: 1 – 4 oz (28 – 110 g)
Line: 25 – 55 Lb
Action: Fast


It is a versatile rod for fishing with medium-small baits dedicated to the pike fishing. The raw body is sensitive and progressive, despite the fast action that already characterized the previous series. The rod is ideal for  the anglers that want to use lures like spinners and spinnerbaits, but also softjerk and softbaits from 14gr up to 60gr. It is the ideal choice for those that are approaching to Casting fishing, but it is also a specific tool appreciated by the experts that wants to fish in small environments with light baits.

Length: 6’8” (203 cm)
Lure: 1/2 – 2 oz (14 – 60 g)
Line: 15 – 30 Lb
Action: Fast


It is the most polyvalent tool in the series. It allows you to manage easily a large range of baits, from small jerk baits of 21gr up to bigger ones of 85 gr., large spinners, spinnerbaits, cranks, and swimbaits. The progressive blank  facilitates both the casting and the management of the baits. The sensitivity is remarkable.

Length: 7’1” (216 cm)
Lure: 3/4 – 3 oz (21 – 85 g)
Line: 20 – 50 Lb
Action: Fast


This is a one-piece rod for baits from 60g up to 200gr. It is ideal for large softbaits and it is  effective with cranks, pullbaits and large swimbaits. The elongated handle facilitates the casting of heavy baits, the characteristics of the raw body make it pleasant to use even during the fight, with fish of all sizes.

Length: 7’10” (240 cm)
Lure: 2 – 7 oz (60 – 200 g)
Line: 30 – 80 Lb
Action: Fast

Spinning Rods


This product has the characteristics common to the other rods and lends itself to the light pike fishing with spinning reels, allowing the angler to cast and manage lures up to 60g. Its ideal use is in small environments, looking for shrewd and suspicious pikes that need to be approached with caution and small baits. It is certainly the first choice of every Spinning fisherman looking for pikes.

Length: 7’0” (213 cm)
Lure: 1/2 – 2 oz (14 – 60 g)
Line: 15 – 30 Lb
Action: Fast



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