5.5″ Pike Shad

Product Description

The 5.5″ Pike Shad is a jointed soft swimbait designed to find the largest pike hunting close to the bottom where jerkbaits and spinnerbaits donít reach and traditional soft bait wouldn’t be so alluring. The high frequency vibrations produced by the belly blades are in charge of calling the farthest fish even in murky waters. The position of the ring on top of the head also consents to fish vertically when pikes are spotted on the sounder. The shad is being manufactured with a new blend that embraces frame and weight and is particularly robust and resistant to Mr.Esox fangs.

Length: 14 cm – 5,5 in
Weight: 60 g – 2 oz

Only body
Length: 14 cm – 5,5 in
Weight: 35 g – 1.1/4 oz



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