Jugulo Soft Shad 15 & 25g

Product Description

It is a mini shad used to catch costal predators or medium sized pelagic fish offshore, the ultra resistant compound that makes up the body is equipped with a full rounded paddle that gives a close and vibrant movement helping you retrieve your catch at an outstanding rate. The jig head has a hydrodynamic profile which gives optimum balance of your bait. Made of full stainless steel wired armor this innovative system allows you to easily attach your tail shad, reducing the risk of it pulling off during the fishing process. The angler can easily add a treble hook or an assist hook on the lower side of the bait. With a decent sized hook it is fixed by a soldered eyelet directly on the armature of the jig head, this allows a unique and unmatched mobility that will limit accidental unhooking while catching predators. This is an irreplaceable fishing buddy and helps in search of basses or tuna, all of medium size.
jugulosoftshad15&25g jugulosoftshad15and25g
Action: Sinking

Weight: 15 g (1/2 oz)
Length: 10 cm (4 in)

Jig Head Weight: 15 g (1/2 oz)

Spare Parts Length: 7 cm (2.3/4 in)

Weight: 25 g (7/8 oz)
Length: 11,5 cm (4.1/2 in)

Jig Head Weight: 25 g (7/8 oz)

Spare Parts Length: 7 cm (2.3/4 in)


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