Trago Spin Tail Willow

Product Description

Innovative lure with a compact profile and ultra-realistic shape and action. Custom 3D eyes, equipped with a high quality swivel to improve the rotation and vibrations emitted by the Willow blade placed in the tail. It is perfect for search fishing, casting long distances and vertical fishing. The Trago Spin Tail Willow is more suitable in clear waters and with suspicious fish. The Willow Blade generates low frequency vibrations and takes advantage of the strong visual appeal generated by the blade. It can be used successfully both in FW and SW and for different types of predators. It is made of zinc alloy with respect for nature and ecosystems.
Weight: 7 g (1/4 oz)
Length: 2,4 cm (1 in)

Weight: 10,5 g (3/8 oz)
Length: 2,7 cm (1 in)

Weight: 14 g (1/2 oz)
Length: 3 cm (1.1/4 in)

Weight: 21 g (3/4 oz)
Length: 3,5 cm (1.3/8 in)


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