Molix Tackle Boxes


Product Description

Utility Box: This Molix’ tackle box has been considered to provide you with the best system to organize your lures. Can be arranged with modifiable compartments so that you can store jerkbaits or large swimbaits, as well as the small accessories. No metal parts have been used in order to get rid of any corrosion problem. Built in polypropylene, 100% made in Italy.
Dimensions: 36,4 cm X 24,8 cm X 5 cm (14-1/4in x 9-5/8in x 2in)

Fat Smart Box: New Molix box built in polypropylene with a high resistance floor. This versatile storage unit offers many chances of customization thanks to its modifiable compartments. Its height makes it especially useful to store big and bulky lures, including tropical poppers. 100% made in Italy.
Dimensions: 27,6 cm x 13,8 cm x 7,5 cm (10-3/4in x 5-3/8in x 3in)

Smart Box: This useful and adaptable box has infinite possibilities of personalization thanks to a new system of internal dividers which can be put together individually. Dimensions: 27.6 cm X 18.8 cm X 4.5 cm (10-3/4in x 5-3/8in x 1-3/4in)


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