Vibration Baits “The Lover”

Courtesy of Bass University

Vibration Baits (The Lover)

  • A relatively new style of lure. It fits somewhere between a spinnerbait, a crankbait and a jig!
  • The name Lover!
  • Extremely snag free
  • Tremendous amount of wobble and vibration
  • Great Imitator of forage

When and Where to Throw The Lover

  • Like a jig and spinnerbait, its one of the most versatile lures you can throw in different conditions
    • All Seasons – winter (cold water), spring, summer (hot water), and fall!
    • All Water Clarity’s – great in clear, stained, or muddy (dirty).
    • All Types Of Cover – wood, rock, grass, anything!
    • Imitates All Forage – bait, panfish species, crustations and crawfish

Techniques For Fishing The Lover!

  • Steady Retrieve – stained water and active bass
  • Burn – Great for clearer water and schooling bass. This is where I love to use the treble hook version!
  • Slow Roll – cold water and dirty water
  • Drag and Pull – great for cold water and deep water (ledges).
  • Feather – keeps the bait in the strike zone longer

Changing Direction

  • No matter what technique you choose, always make the Lover change direction. You can do this by:
    • Hitting/deflecting off of cover
    • Using the Rod and Reel
    • Using Your Body

Picking Lover Trailers

  • I like to select my Lover trailers based on two three factors:
  • My Favorite Types Include:
    • Natural Action – Chunks and Flukes
    • Moderate Action – Devils Spear, Swim Baits and Craws
    • Heavy Action – both single and double tail grubs


  • Rod – I use the exact same criteria as my spinnerbait rods. 6’6” – 7’4” medium action rods with the 7’ being my favorite! Slight delay (60/40)!
  • Reel – Again the same criteria as a spinnerbait. Choose the reel based on the technique. 6.4:1 to 7.9:1 with the 7.0 being my favorite.
  • Line – Once again same criteria as line for a spinnerbait. 75% of the time I’m using flora (12-20) and 25% of the time braid or mono (40-50 lb. braid and 14-20 lb. mono).

The End
Thank You!