Review Molix Millerighe EVO, Vintage

The Millerighe are Egis that have reached more and more anglers who practice spinning and catch the cephalopods, both from the shore and from the boat. Personally, I have always used them, achieving remarkable fishmongers from the shore and catching big cephalopods, both squid and cuttlefish. At the moment there are two types of Egis; EVO and Vintage. The Evo are differentiated by the use of the Keimura fabrics. The Vintage instead resume the combination of colors between the shell and the fabrics that have made the history of the eging.
General features: the Millerighe is a shaped Egi, aesthetically incorporates the carapace of a shrimp with a catchy line. The coating is extremely resistant to the cephalopod bites and it is obtained using high quality fabrics; Keimura in the series “EVO”  is characterized by the ability to reflect the UV rays that can reach the deeper layers of water.The colors, obtained through the combination of the shell and the fabrics, are varied, for all tastes and uses, according to the conditions of the light and the water; translucent, glow, realistic, and rich in the color contrasts. All colors also have  special glows, the bands before the baskets or the glow border of the eyes; which increases its attractiveness.The slender shape, compact and the perfect balance help to cast the egis at long distances, essential if you are fishing from the coast, to “hit” more water.
The basket: the basket used for both the series is wide and it guarantees safe and precise hooks settings, reducing the possibility to loose the fish during the retrieval. The needles mounted staggered between the two baskets are extremely thin and sharp and they are made of carbon and treated with a special anti-rust product that improves its resistance. This feature also greatly improves the trim in the water. The lure is very balanced while it is sinking, in the stop position on the bottom and it is reactive to the jerks.
When to use a millerighe?
This is a question that can be taken for granted but there is a basic and technical answer that  turns out to be scientific for those who devote much of their time in practicing eging.
The millerighe, both the 2.5 version and above all the 3.0 size, are lures that stand out for the long castings. It is clear that this characteristic represents an extra gear in the case of the side wind or even worse  frontal wind. This allows us to fishing in optimal conditions and to reach wanted distances in favorable conditions.
The distance in the cephalopod spinning can be providential. In many spots the squid hunt far from the shore and this may represent a strategic advantage. The same is for the cuttlefish, the more water we have to fathom, the easier it is to intercept more cephalopods.
The Millerighe do not fear the current at all, rather they manage it optimally allowing you to not to lose contact with the bottom or the water layer of our interest. The Millerighe represent the right compromise between the shallow and deep modes; they reach the bottom at the right speed in relation to the conditions, resulting extremely versatile. This feature allows to easily reach the desired water layer in case of previous strikes in the same point. The spots exposed to sea currents, represent the ideal habitat of the cephalopods.
My experience leads me to say that the Millerighe, not by chance are the most used and capturing egi in the Strait of Messina, where I live. A highly complicated stretch of sea because of the impetuous currents. Personally I have never given up their use, indeed for those who attend deep and challenging spots they certainly represent an extra gear, in many cases the real secret to collect unexpected chores.

Salvatore Filloramo

Review of the Skirmjan rod MSK-SW-962H “Shore Jigging Special”

The shore jigging is a technique that,in the last years, found more and more support among the Italian anglers. It is practiced especially in coastal spots, where, due to currents or because of the bathymetries that degrade very quickly towards the abysses, predators and pelagic,that can be catched with this technique,live; especially tunas, amberjack, lecce amia or fish more related to benthic environments, such as snappers and groupers, without forgetting the dream predators like the swordfish and the imperial needlefish.
Our country has many coasts and spots that have nothing to envy to the Croatian or to the Aegean Sea spots where this technique has been practiced for a longer time. The coasts of ours beautiful Italy and its islands have an extension of 7458 km! There are litorals of a great geological and naturalistic value with cliffs overlooking the sea, pristine cliffs easily reachable , all also anthropized by the presence of moles, ports, dams, as well as beaches characterized by deep bathymetric areas, such as the Ionian, Sicilian and Calabrian coasts. Furthermore, our country is located in a strategic position on the migratory routes of all the pelagic species that make cyclical shifts in the Mediterranean.
Many of these species transit compulsorily in the Strait of Messina, where I live and I have been practicing shore jigging for a few years. This stretch of sea, of our splendid Mediterranean sea is unique because of the impetuous currents that alternate every six hours, connecting two seas with salinity and different temperatures; the Ionian and the Tirreno sea.
Taking into account the most varied needs of all the fans of this technique and especially depending on the spots that they frequent,  Molix designed a very versatile fishing rod for the Mediterranean shore jigging. The Skirmjan MSK-SW-962H is a two-section rod 2.92 meters long, with a casting weight of up to 100 grams and a max drag of 8 kilos. Its action,”Regular slow”, classic for this type of gear, is round and deep, with a large reserve of power, to facilitate the fighting with the big predators .
The “soft” and sensitive tip allows a perfect management of metal jigs but also sinking stick baits or floating and big jerk minnows.
As a guarantee of great power, this Skirmjan belongs to the “Power Series ” family; tools created through a particular process of reinforcement of the raw material that
allows the most extreme use even with over sized fish!
Returning to the characteristics of the tip, the softness, as well as increasing its sensitivity allows a better management of metal jigs, even on challenging backdrops over -40 meters; especially for those who love to retrieve the jig with repeated jerks.
This sensitivity is also enhanced in the case of timid attacks of predators that are all perceived by the fisherman. At the same time, the “back” of this rod is extremely reactive and it guarantees a ready hook setting.
Who will hold for the first time this shore jigging rod, will immediately perceive a lot power and pleasure to use it in fishing; an ideal casting weight for our spots and a
fair compromise between power, length and lightness.
An ideal rod for all the spots that are exposed to the strong wind. A little stress during the Twists is an aspect not to be underestimated especially for those who frequent and fish on high cliffs that are areas exposed to strong side winds, sea formed or with strong currents.
Another aspect not to be underestimated is the distance that is obtained with the casting;it is really a point of strength of this rod, fundamental especially in the presence of frenezy.
In coclusion, a small technical note: to better appreciate all these features, I suggest a reel not heavier than 600g of weight.

Salvatore Filloramo

Shad 100 Swimbait

The Shad 100 swimbaitis born following the footsteps of the older brother conceived for the pike fishing. The first time I saw this smaller version, my thoughts went to the rapid waters where my “obsession” lives … the marble trout. The size of the shad is 10cm and 24 grams, it is ideal to catch the marble trouts, without precluding us to catch some medium-sized fish that often make us have fun.
One of the great advantages that I have found in using this bait is that it can be used as a classic shad, retrieved with the usual ups and downs imparted with slow or fast reel movements, or as a swimbait with a regular retrieval. Precisely with a constant retrieval, in holes where the water slows down, and in the large slow-flowing plains, this bait gives the best of itself becoming part of the prey to which our trouts cannot resist.
The point of strength of this bait is the very realistic swimming action, combined with the excellent colors with which it is made and its dimensions that adapt particularly to this predator. One of the features that I appreciated the most is the versatility and ease of use: it does not require too strong equipment and lends itself well to being maneuvered with rods with a c.w. of 40gr. To make the bait less invasive and give it an extremely imitative look I preferred to deprive it of the lip with which this artificial was born, for the fact that when I am fishing in crystal clear waters I prefer to be minimal in the presentation, keeping aside the lip in case the waters became veiled or if I decided to use it to catch other predators.
During the last season, I was amazed by the number of catches recorded with this bait; I’m sure that this soft bait that is actually a hybrid between a swimbait and a shad, will give many satisfactions to the many fans who, like me, look for the marble trouts and the brown trouts.

Luca Passarella

Molix Jugulo Jerk 140/180 LC, new color “Ghost Candy”

Among the myriad of lures of all the colors that we have in our tackle boxes, choose the right color is never easy and sometimes it could be difficult, especially in those situations where is ascertained the presence of the predator but we cannot attract it. This is one of the many cases that the change of the color of our baits will stimulate the predatory aggressiveness. However, have you ever wondered how a new color born?
For many people may seem easy and trivial, but I can assure you that it is not so easy. There are hours of tests behind every new Molix Project, above all in the water with the predators.
A few months ago I was given a Jugulo Jerk with a strange and particular color: it was a prototype color called “GHOST CANDY“. One of the things that wondered me was that half of the body was almost transparent and sincerely I could not understand why it was not colored. After a brief consultation with the MOLIX WORKSHOPS, I understood the intent of the project and I started testing this lure to give the first feedback about this idea.
The choice of this particular color comes from the need to use a large bait but with the appearance of a small fish. At the beginning it may seem trivial but if you think about it is not.
In some particular moments, many predators attack the forage fish of small or medium size, all fishermen tend to use small lures to best fit this need, but in many of these cases, the small lures show some limits in terms of casting. For this reason, the staff of the workshops has adapted one particular coloration on half of the body of a bait of generous size to allow the fisherman to do long castings: the JUGOLO JERK.
The time was particularly favorable and the sea bass was quite active. However the fish were very selective in terms of baits, and surely this was the right situation to test the project.
The effectiveness of the JUGOLO JERK is well known, but the new combination with this particular color was definitely an interesting thing to test and the first results arrived fast with the first sea bass.
The conviction on this project was becoming stronger and stronger that the manager of the production and development of the MOLIX projects accompanied me in the tests during a fishing session, and he -even if accustomed to different predators- caught his first sea bass with the Jugulo Jerk GHOST CANDY color.
I felt that something was missing to complete the tests: a big sea bass to give a strong signal to the project.
In one of those classic days where you feel that you will not catch anything, here it is a beautiful sea bass that we had been waiting for a long time, to put the icing on the cake.
Now that the new color has been commercialized, all that remains is to put your icing on the cake and I hope it will be as satisfying as mine.

Marco Pasquato