Spinnerbaits, Old Lure New Techniques by Mike Iaconelli


Courtesy of Bass University

Spinnerbaits (wire baits)

  • A very old lure. Gained popularity in the 80’s
    • Was called an idiot bait. Cast out and reel in!
    • Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin, Hank Parker
  • Great lure for a lot of reasons:
    • Weedless/snagless
    • Flash
    • Vibration
    • Perfect Imitator Of Bait

Picking A Spinnerbait (Blades)

  • Things to consider
    • Water clarity – vibration or flash? The general rule is: the clearer the water the more you want flash; the dirtier the water the more you want vibration. Tandem configuration is the most versitile
    • Water tempatures – cold, mid, hot. The general rule is the colder the water the more you want vibration and the warmer the water the more you want flash. Tandem configuration is the most versitile.
    • Type of cover – little or no cover and grass I like willows better. Hard cover like wood, trees, brush I generally like Indiana Better
    • Forage – match the hatch. Match blade size, shape and color to forage.
    • Water depth – mainly I’m thinking about weight of the lure.

Ike’s Custom Colors

  • Pummel Fish – Low light conditions or at night

  • Boogolu Dace – my best all around bait fish imitator

  • Mud Vein – dirty, muddy water color

  • Neon Charmer – shock color, (perch or panfish), and also good for dirtier water.

  • Purple Sinsay – Bait Imitator (purple sheen) cloudy days

Spinnerbait Techniques

  • Steady – great for active fish and stained water
  • Burn – Great for clear water
  • Slow Roll – great for cold or dirty water
  • Jerk – great when the bass are inactive (REACTION)
  • Feather – keep the bait in the strike zone longer and looks like the real movements of forage.

Changing Direction

  • No matter what technique you choose, always try and make your spinnerbait change direction. You can do this by:
    • Hitting/deflecting off of cover
    • Using the Rod and Reel
    • Using Your Body

Spinnerbait Equipment

  • Add On – trailer hook and or soft plastic trailers
  • Rod – 6’6” to 7’4”. But the 7’ M is my favorite (70/30). Slight DELAY needed!
  • Reel – Ratio depends on the technique. 6.4:1 to 7.9:1, but 7.0 is my favorite.
  • Line – 75% of the time straight flora (12-20 with 15 being my favorite). 25% of the time braid or mono (40 or 50 pound braid or 14-20 mono).

The End
Thank You!

Tipp & Tricks: Freaky Flip + OMTD OH1600

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We supply the lures, you do the rest.

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