Braid Super Offshore Game 8X


Product Description

The Molix Super Offshore Game 8X is a 8 strands high quality PE developed and manufactured in Japan by Molix for the most extreme fishing. The thinner diameter and the more compact weave, leaving the breaking strength unchanged, provides a better performance both on the casting and the sensitivity during the retrieve and an enhanced smoothness through the guides. It is a line we recommend for tuna fishing and tropical predators. Is available in 100 meters spools jointed in packs of 12 spools up to 1200 meters, this allows to choose the amount of braid needed to fill the spool without wasting unnecessary line. Every ten meters the line changes color, this helps the fisherman keeping a tight control over the lure distance and improves the accuracy within the strike zone.
62 lb – 28,100 Kg PE 4 – Pack 1200 m ( 100 x )
78 lb – 35,380 Kg PE 5 – Pack 1200 m ( 100 x )
86 lb – 39,000 Kg PE 6 – Pack 1200 m ( 100 x )
Spool: 100 m. – 110 yds.


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