Trout Area Premium Nylon


Product Description

The new Trout Area Premium Nylon made in Japan are high-performances lines.
Manufactured using the latest production technologies and the best available materials. Low visibility, greater sensitivity and softness, in relation to a minimized stretch. Abrasion resistant even under extremly stressing conditions and an incredible firmness in the creations of knots.
Developed for micro spoon and micro hard baits.
Spool: 100m   110yds
Ø 0,104 mm – 1,00 kg – 2,20 lb
Ø 0,117 mm – 1,40 kg – 3,00 lb
Ø 0,128 mm – 1,60 kg – 3,50 lb
Ø 0,145 mm – 2,00 kg – 4,50 lb


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