Product Description

Molix awakens the jointed jerkbaits category with the Brigante, an highly performing lure with a very unique action. Can you imagine a wounded bait about to die or a small fish feeding on the bottom? If you cannot manage to visualize these images just drop a Brigante in the water and it will show them to you. The very specific weight distribution inside each one of the four sections and the density of the plastic used to build them, guarantee such a special action to the lure that guarantees the best performances in any body of water. The small metal strip under the body, because of its flash and vibrations, adds further vivacity and allure during the fall. Available in three sizes: 90, 110, 160.

Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 9 cm (3-1/2in)
Weight: 10,5 g Slow Sinking (3/8oz)

Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 11 cm (4-1/4in)
Weight: 20 g (3/4oz)

Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 16 cm (6-1/4in)
Weight: 50gr (1 3/4oz)


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