Audace 65 Slow Sinking

Product Description

Here is the “baby” Audace 65, a lure that we have been requested by the fishermen with enthusiasm and that is proving to live up to expectations. This model is 6.5 cm long and weighs 7 grams, sizes designed to meet the needs of the trout fisherman, both in rough and fast water where they swim at ease, and in lake or reservoir, environments where the action of the bait plays a key role. We believe it may also be a good chub and perch hunter as well as the ticket to Asp and Black Bass. At sea, the Audace 65, is a talisman lure for Rockfishing and light spinning fishermen who seem to appreciate it beyond measure. Although small and light it casts with some ease, and you can work with an methodical retrieve, but it will easily withstand harsh jerks as repeated stop & go, where stands out the “slow sinking” effect.
Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 6,5 cm (2.1/2 in)
Weight: 4 g (1/8 oz)


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