Jugulo Fast Sinking

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Product Description

It gets into action in a blink of an eye and holds in the tuna and pelagic feeding area for a longer time. The weight distribution pays back in terms of how fast is on the strike zone, and allows for fast retrieves with the jig skidding right below the water surface.
Weight: 22 g (3/4 oz)
Length: 6,5 cm (2.1/2 in)

Weight: 33 g (1.1/4 oz)
Length: 7,8 cm (3 in)

Weight: 42 g (1.1/2 oz)
Length: 8 cm (3.1/4 in)

Weight: 52 g (1.3/4 oz)
Length: 9 cm (3.1/2 in)



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