WTD 150T (Walking The Dog Tarpon)

Product Description

Started as a handmade lure, it has developed into a production product yet completely respecting the original design by Jack Fin. This lure is the perfect combination between craftsmanship and the multiple advantages of an ABS construction with zero tolerances.  Featuring a classic walk the dog action it adds smoothness very much like a pencil bait allowing for customizable retrieving action. Some details, such as the embossed scales, rival those of a handmade lure. The WTD 150T sports a thru wire construction and high marine grade treble hooks. Even though it has been developed for Mediterranean predators such as Bluefish, Leerfish and Barracuda, it is the perfect topwter bait to throw where big predators swim.
Length: 15 cm (6 in)
Weight: 45 gr (1.1/2 oz)

HOOKS: OH2100 (#5/0), OH2900 (#3/0)



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