Product Description

Finesse sinking jerkbait with an extremely catchy and unusual action. Consent to successfully explore the subsurface and medium depth layers. Well balanced during unvarying retrieves, preserves an entirely natural swimming action even in strong currents or during faster retrievals. It’s easy to use and, regardless of its weight, it casts easily. Jerked with short breaks can be lethal in lakes, still waters or with very little current, excellent for trout fishing in stocked lakes. In salt water is one of the most efficient bait for Light Rockfishing enthusiasts.

Length: 5 cm (2 in)
Weight: 2,5 g (3/32 oz)
Deep range: 30 to 100 cm (1 to 3.2 feet)

HOOKS: OH1700 (#8), OH3100 (#8)


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