Molix Outset Eging Series

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Product Description

The Outset series is designed by Molix to offer a modern tool with high performance, extremely accurate in technical details, and with an excellent quality / price ratio. The blanks are made using the best production processes, such as the exclusive HMSHM Technology,  obtained from the combination and shielding of premium Toray carbon sheets with differentiated modulus. This process gives the blanks a gradual taper, a progressive increase in power and high resistance to torsion, raising the parameters of casting precision, sensitivity, control and hook setting performance. The handles of the Molix Outset have been designed to be ergonomic, functional and light. They amplify the sensations and the sensitivity improving the handling in fishing. The high quality rings are made of stainless steel with titanium oxide stone and stainless steel tip top with zirconia stone. These rings are able to adequately dissipate heat and therefore also be used with modern braided lines. Like all Molix rods, the Outset series has been entirely developed in Italy and tested around the world by expert professionals. In this project Molix encompasses everything a fisherman is looking for: quality, design, performance to satisfy both the most experienced enthusiasts and those who want to undertake the lures technique with specialized tools.


Length: 8’0”
EGI: 1.8-3.0
PE: 0.3-1
Weight: 121 g
Action: Regular Fast


Length: 8’3”
EGI: 2.5-3.5
PE: 0.3-1.6
Weight: 128 g
Action: Regular Fast


Length: 8’6”
EGI: 2.5-3.5
PE: 0.3-1.6
Weight: 129 g
Action: Regular Fast


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