Craw Flex 3″

Product Description

The Craw Flex is a small craw that perfectly combines the details and the functionalities. It is made of a new MOLIX FORMULA developed by Molix, it is an extremely soft and flexible floating compound, which is more cut resistant and it is enriched with salt and shrimp scent. The special appendices create micro vibrations during the swimming action which, combined with the floating characteristics of the material, guarantee a stand up effect of the bait while it is jumping off the bottom. The Craw Flex allows different kind of rigs such as jig head, Wacky-rig, Texas-rig and Ned-rig, it is suitable both for finesse fishing and for big predators.
Length: 7,5 cm (3 in)

HOOKS: OH1200 (#2, #3), OH2600 (#2, #3), OH1900 (#1/0), OH1600 (#1/0), OH1100 (#1/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (#1 , #1/0) OJ1500 (#1/0), OJ1800 (#2), OJ500 (#1), OJ900 (#1), OJ200 (#1/0), OJ400 (#1/0)


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