Sator Worm 4″

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Product Description

Featuring a ribbed body that tapers down to an ultra-thin tail, the Molix 4″ Sator Worm also has a unique spherical air pocket at the end of the tail that allows it to float up and wave seductively in the water. Precisely constructed with ultra-soft plastic material and available in a variety of colors, the Molix Sator Worm is a deadly finesse bait and it can be rigged Drop Shot, Wacky, Shaky, Texas style, Neko or with a dedicated jig head.
Action: Slow Sinking
Length: 10 cm (4 in)

HOOKS: OH1200 (#3), OH2600 (#3), OH1600 (#1), OH1600M (#4), OH1900 (#1), OH1100 (#1)
JIG HEADS: OJ700 (#1/0), OJ700S (#1/0), OJ1300 (#1), OJ200 (#1), OJ500 (#1)


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    I gotta give it up again to molix on another fine product another great bait also try as jig trailer

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