Hybrid Swimmer 165

Product Description

The Hybrid Swimmer it’s a soft plastic hybrid swimbait designed and developed to search for large predatory fish. It’s easy to cast and helps to cover a lot of water. Through his particular shape of the tail, it generates a very attractive vibration, featuring a tight swimming action that stimulates the most suspicious predators who tend to follow the bait before attacking it. The Hybrid Swimmer is perfect for probing all water levels as it is made with an internal foam core that allows the bait to maintain the perfect balance even down deep where large fish often park. It is equipped with a quality treble hook chemically sharpened, which guarantees resistance to the most demanding fights. The hook is kept in position along the body by a magnet and makes easier to fight the fish thanks to a built in swivel.

Weight: 70 g (2.1/2 oz)
Length: 16,5 cm (6.1/2 in)


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