RA Shad 6″

Product Description

The Molix RA Shad Swimbait is a super dense soft plastic swimbait enriched with a craw and fish scented formula for added fish attraction. Very durable, it generates an extremely natural swimming action – no matter what retrieve speed – thanks to its thin tail and ribbed body. Rig it weighted, weightless, or on a jig head, the Molix RA Shad is also an excellent swimbait for any Umbrella style rig.
The RA Shad 6″ is dedicated to Pike, Wels Catfish, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Nile Perch and the likes. Don’t let the big size impress you, it has the same action and flexibility as its minor siblings.
Action: Sinking
Length: 18 cm (6 in)
Pack: 4 pcs

HOOKS: OH2400 (#7/0, #9/0), OH2400W (#7/0, #9/0), OH1500 (#6/0, #7/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1200 (#6/0, #7/0, #8/0)

ra shad 6 oh1500 rig


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