Jugulo Soft Shad

Product Description

The Jugulo Soft Shad is the new rubber shad for large predators. It is made of an ultra resistant blend that makes up the body.The body is  equipped with a full and rounded paddle thet gives a closed and vibrant movement even in fast retrievals. The Jig head’s weight is 60 grams and  it has a hydrodynamic profile that  determines an optimum balance of the bait.It is made of a full stainless steel armor and it is equipped with an innovative system that allows you to easily attach the tail of the shad without the risk that it can pull off while you are fishing. The ring at the bottom serves to equip it with a trebble hook or an optional assist hook. The hook is perfect for large predators and it is fixed to the jig head through a sturdy split ring that allows a greater mobility.The jig head is essential for a better management of the  predators in case of prolonged fighting it may decrease the risk of loose the fish.
From tuna and amberjack fishing in saltwater, to  Pike and wels catfishes in freshwater it can be the perfect fishing buddy.
Action: Sinking

Weight: 64 g (2.1/4 oz)
Length: 18,5 cm (7.1/4 in)

Jig Head Weight: 64 g (2.1/4 oz)

Spare Parts Length: 14 cm (5.1/2 in)






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