S-Stick (Sneaky Stick)

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Product Description

The S-Stick (Sneaky Stick) combines simplicity and versatility in a single bait. By tuning on design and hydrodinamic Molix created a lure with different applications. Depending the side you rig it the S-Stick can move “side to side” during the descent or get some crazy action when jerked (see video). The tail will vibrate and moves as like a living creature. You can rig the S-Stick many ways such as drop shot, Texas style, Neko, Wacky or Shaky with a dedicated jig head. The S-Stick is being made in the USA.
Endorsed by Josh Wich
Action: Sinking
Length: 11,25 cm (4.5 in)

HOOKS: OH1900 (#2/0), OH1300 (#2/0), OH1500 (#2/0), OH2700 (#2/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (2/0), OJ1500 (2/0), OJ200 (2/0)


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