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The Molix Shrimp 2.5 “is realism at its best. An ambitious assignment pursued by Officine Molix to offer a truly innovative product, not so much in the idea – as it has already been done before – yet in the manufacturing, planned in details. Imitates a shrimp, a delicacy for many of the traditional and non-traditional predators, in fact, has been successfully tested in freshwater with perch, black bass, trout and in saltwater with sea bass and Breams of all sizes, including XL specimen that took him with a surprising ferociousness for the species. Retrieve it with short hops either stopping every once in a while or slowly in contact with the seabed where will always lie in a natural position – backed by the Touch Jig Head, specifically designed for this lure. It will trigger the bad guy who lives inside every predator, as it looks so much to the real thing. The new Molix Shrimp 2.5″ is a soft bait molded with a proprietary blend, its legs are finished with micro-spheres whose mission is to accentuate the release of vibrations that seem to annoy a lot the marauders, and the tail guides the fall and increases likeness to a real shrimp. It is available in six pieces blisters that include one 4g (5/32oz) Touch Jig Head.

Action: Sinking
Length: 5 cm (2.1/2 in)
Weight WT Jig Head: 4 g (5/32 oz)

HOOKS: OH1200 (#3), OH2600 (#3)
JIG HEADS: OJ1800 (#4), OJ1300 (#1), OJ1500 (#1/0), OJ500 (#1)


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