Benvenuti nel nuovo Molix Web

Welcome to the Molix world

You are visiting Molix’s new web site. I’m happy for it and I thank you. I would like to accompany you in a trip among objects that will inspire you and pump your adrenaline when you test them in the water, to catch the fish of your life in a place that, forever in your memory, will be a place where you have been happy.

Meanwhile I tell you something about Molix in the world of lure fishing.

Molix creates among the most fascinating colors and patterns in the world and exports the Italian style from Japan to California. A machine driven by the greatest creativity, in fact since three years now has produced more than 25 new releases per year. Molix has been acclaimed by the business’ people in the international fairs and – what counts the most – by fishermen, who highly value it. The Molix team is proud to be a motivating example for the youngest who dream to be able to do a job that is their passion too.

Something has changed; a door unlocked, because Molix is an Italian brand opened to valuable contributors coming from many different parts of the planet, and also for this reason is being monitored with different looks, respectful if not admiring.

And now our trip: simple, fast and hopefully pleasant, with nice images too.

You will find Molix’s products divided in categories. Each one of them is the result of the company’s attention to details, tones and efficiency. Italian style and passion dedicated to the fishermen around the world.

Each product will display the color images in sequence. The product will grab your attention through emotional photos as well. You will immediately understand that these objects, so simple yet perfect, have been thought by fishermen for other fishermen. They’ve been made for you, either if you use them on a trip to an exotic place or at walking distance from your house. This is not important because the difference will be cancelled by the very emotion of that endless moment.

If you wish to download the images, just use the right click of your mouse and “save as”. In the product pages you will also find the videos, just to have a better taste of it.

You will also find the pdf catalogs, the Italian Molix Pro Shop and Molixpoints addresses and our international partners’.

I’ll do my best to keep the site up to date with the new releases and I will inform you about the available products and Molix shows. I’ll work hard to keep your desire for clean adrenaline up.

It’s not over yet. At Molix we like to improve and get people involved. I’d like to count on every visitor as a colleague and, for every product, you have the chance to leave your comment, either positive or negative, as long as it is appropriate. You too can be a Molix tester with no restrictions.

…. Let me know if Molix thrilled you