The relationship between Molix and Taniyama Shoji strengthen

taniyama_01After the excellent results achieved so far, the partnership with the company Taniyama Shoji from Nishinomiya is getting stronger. The President Taniyama and business manager Shinko San met with Paolo Vannini, Paolo Uchida and the Molix Japan staff to prepare new strategies for 2015. The harmony between Italian and Japanese people who enthusiastically share the love for technology and design, it is always very strong, especially when topped with good food and excellent Japanese beer.


taniyama_02For Molix to see that a partnership of this level grows and becomes stronger, in one of the toughest and more competitive lure markets,  is a matter of great pride and satisfaction.

Molix in Japan

If you’re travelling around Japan and decide to go for a couple of casts to Lake Biwa, first stop in Kyoto and take a look at a couple of shops.

Visiting Bass Field and Fishing Eight is a must, both spectacular shops where you will find many lures unknown to the western fishermen and some pretty well known indeed. Don’t be surprised to find your favorite Molix lures in the shelves, even the very demanding Japanese fishermen love them.

bass field 01

bass field 02

fishing eight kyoto 02fishing eight kyoto 01

Benvenuti nel nuovo Molix Web

Welcome to the Molix world

You are visiting Molix’s new web site. I’m happy for it and I thank you. I would like to accompany you in a trip among objects that will inspire you and pump your adrenaline when you test them in the water, to catch the fish of your life in a place that, forever in your memory, will be a place where you have been happy. (more…)