New Skirmjan Freshwater Rods

For 2015 Molix delivers four new models of the “yellows”, two casting and two spinning. You will find the specs of the rods in the product page Skirmjan Freshwater Rods. (more…)

Already available the News 2015 catalogue

The catalogue 2015, with all the news including Trout Hunter and Pike Hunter series of rods and lures, is already available on-line

copertina news 2015

Skirmjan Trout Hunter Series

Molix debuts with the new series of Skirmjan Trout Hunter rods, a selected bunch of tools developed with expert Italian fishermen specially designed to fish wild or stocked trout in a variety of environments, natural and artificial. All rods carry high quality cork handles and are manufactured with a new carbon fiber wrapping technique to achieve a fast and responsive action. (more…)

Fishing is our passion

Each one has his own infatuation, ours is fishing […]

What is fishing for us? For us fishing is passion […]

[…] To have fun we don’t need a thousands lures and a cubic meter of tackle. We only need few baits, yet those we entirely trust. We do not even need to make any kind of selection. With our soft plastics we had crazy days. […]

[…] Rubber pieces that come to life when they hit the water, that will swim as our brain wishes […] (more…)

Two new lures for trout fishing enthusiasts

Small, they say, is beautiful and we hope this is the case of the new releases that Molix is introducing into the market at the beginning of 2015. After the FC45/MR, the finesse crankbait, there are two products especially, but not exclusively, dedicated to trout fishermen, who fish both in natural environments or stocked reservoirs.