Molix summer news: 6″ RA Shad – SB80

Here we present two new releases already announced yet awaited by the lure fishing fans. We have the largest version of the RA Shad family and a smaller sibling of the well known tuna lure SB117.

Skirmjan Saltwater Rods video

The new series of Skirmjan rods for saltwater fishing enthusiasts is now available and counts on 10 models to cover the needs of a vast majority of fishermen who fish both in home waters and abroad. In fact there are three specific travel models also suitable for tropical fishing, as well as seven models in one and two pieces for spinning, light game, eging, inchiku and light jigging in the Mediterranean.
Molix also introduces a specific casting rod for sea bass fishing, demanded by the costumers who more and more often use this kind of equipment even in salt water.

New Product: Lover Buzz SS (Super Squeaky)

lover buzz ssThe Lover Buzz SS is another creature born from the volcanic mind of Mike “Ike” Iaconelli and shaped by the Officine Molix, where it has been managed to assemble the different parts that make up this buzzbait with a special temperament. It is certainly not common to find in this kind of bait such a huge propeller, a free swivel hook and most of all a nasty rivet capable of generating a huge amount of noise as well. Ike wanted a lure that was really noisy and we have done our best to keep him happy. The Lover Buzz SS weighs 1/2oz and will be distributed in these days to the best stores

New Product: 3,5″ SWD Swimming Dragonfly

swd 5 swimming dragonfly

It’s official, the 3,5″ SWD Swimming Dragonfly is being shipped these days to the specialist stores. Is a product developed by Officine Molix, where it has been possible to reproduce quite a realistic imitation of a dragonfly larvae.
You will find the specs in the product page but we urge you to think about how many opportunities will give you a floating soft bait with such action and vibrations.
The 3,5″ SWD Swimming Dragonfly will be available in 8 colors. For the 5″ version we will need to be a bit patient. 🙂

Supernato’s New Colors

Three new colors coming for the Supernato.

For our hybrid bait we created three special patterns: #140 Bloody Fish, #141 ILA Frog, #142 Smooth Newt. These colors will be available very soon at specialist retailers, we are sure that you will make good use of them during the summer.

#140 Bloody Fish

#140 Bloody Fish

#141 ILA Frog

#141 ILA Frog

#142 Smooth Newt

#142 Smooth Newt

Molix ICAST 2014

For the l’ICAST show that will take place in Orlando (Florida – USA) from July 16th to 18th 2014 Molix (booth #1403) will introduce four new products that the company considers very important for the US market: two soft plastics, one hard bait and one spoon.

swd 5 swimming dragonflySWD 5″ (SWIMMING DRAGONFLY)

Action: Floating
Length:  5″ (12,5cm)

The new SWD 5″ Swimming Dragonfly is the closest dragonfly larvae imitation from the Italian designs of  Molix Workshop. It features double thickness flaps to enhance the floating power. The heavy density plastic mix increase casting distance and lifelike legs that trigger aggressive bites during steady retrieves. The SWD 5″ Swimming Dragonfly is two baits in one, just cut the head to use it as an insect and the body as jig trailer. The SWD 5″ Swimming Dragonfly can be used swimming, Texas rig or with your favorite jig and jig head.

sator worm 5.8"SATOR WORM 5,8″

Lenght: 5,8″ (14.5cm)

The Sator Worm 5.8” is the big brother of the Sator Worm series and amazes for the great mobility and the accurate details of this soft bait. The hollow sphere on the tail can hold a bit of air and enhance buoyancy and movement that trigger the wariest predators. It can be rigged Wacky, Shaky, Texas style, Neko or with a dedicated jig head. The 5,8″ Sator Worm sure is the best option when chasing the biggest fish in the most complicate environments.


Spoon 17
Weight: 5/8 oz (17g)
Lenght:  2.5″ (6.5 cm)

Spoon 30
Weight: 1 oz (30g)
Length:  2.5″ (6.5 cm)

A compact spoon with scales engraved on the upper side, the Spoon 30 by Mike Iaconelli has a very natural action during the fall that imitates a dying fish that slowly drops to the bottom. With medium-slow retrieves scatters side to side while retrieved fast it spins on its axis. The swivel rigged on the head prevents line twisting. The Spoon 30 has been developed together with the US professional angler Mike “Ike” iaconelli. The Spoon 30 by Mike Iaconelli is available in two sizes/weights


Weight: ¾ oz (21g)
Length: 2.75″ (7cm)

During the design phase of the Molix Lipless we focused on three main points. First of it has been taken a special care on the balance to achieve the best possible snag proof effect and to have a lure able to get out of submerged branches and obstacles of every kind. Then we wanted to achieve a good rolling action during the fall, and finally a original and robust sound. Needless to say that the Molix Lipless casts like a bullet. The Molix Lipless is endorsed by the US professional angler Josh Wich.

Benvenuti nel nuovo Molix Web

Welcome to the Molix world

You are visiting Molix’s new web site. I’m happy for it and I thank you. I would like to accompany you in a trip among objects that will inspire you and pump your adrenaline when you test them in the water, to catch the fish of your life in a place that, forever in your memory, will be a place where you have been happy. (more…)