Product Description

The new Molix’s Fluorocarbons made in Japan are high-performances lines,manufactured using the latest production technologies and the best available materials. The production process assures a greater sensitivity and an increased strength, in relation to a minimized stretch.Abrasion resistant even under extremly stressing conditions and an incredible firmness in the creations of knots.
The new and exclusive spooling process in measured tension helps to preserve the outstanding features of this line,whether you decide to spool it on fixed spool reels or multipliers reels, as in many cases happens, for example, in bass fishing and in freshwater fishing. ‘Molix Fluorocarbon‘ also lends itself to create rigs for all fishing techniques, both light or hard.

Spool: 70m / 76.5yds
Ø 0,200 mm – 2,30 kg – 5,00 lb
Ø 0,218 mm – 3,00 kg – 6,00 lb
Ø 0,258 mm – 4,00 kg – 8,00 lb
Ø 0,278 mm – 5,00 kg – 10,00 lb
Ø 0,308 mm – 6,00 kg – 12,00 lb
Ø 0,348 mm – 7,50 kg – 15,00 lb
Ø 0,398 mm – 9,00 kg – 19,00 lb


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