Fluorocarbon Super Offshore Shock Leader


Product Description

The new Molix’s Fluorocarbons made in Japan are high-performances lines,manufactured using the latest production technologies and the best available materials
Super Offshore Shock Leader Fluorocarbon, comes for the extreme needings ; designed for anglers who need a high quality Premium Fluorocarbon to create reliable rigs to catch big predators,whether in saltwater or freshwater . From Pike to tuna, for spinning, vertical jigging, big game and wherever there is a need for an invisible and strong leader. Super Offshore Shock Leader Fluorocarbon is softer compared to the lines of same diameters and strength. Available in four different sizes between 30 and 80 lbs.The line is in spools of 25 metres, very practical, that preserve the line from UV rays and dirt.
Spool: 25 m / 27.34 yds
Ø 0,400 mm – 9,080 kg – 20 lb
Ø 0,500 mm – 13,600 kg – 30 lb
Ø 0,600 mm – 22,680 kg – 50 lb
Ø 0,700 mm – 27,220 kg – 60 lb
Ø 0,800 mm – 36,290 kg – 80 lb


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