Supernato Frog

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Product Description

Hybrid bait developed by Molix, it was conceived by exploiting the hydrodynamics and the buoyancy of the realistic body of a classic frog bait. The double tail made of a high density mixture creates high frequency vibrations. The two parts of the bait are joined by a solid mechanism fixed in the back part of the body of the frog. The fastening system allows a quick and precise assembly and the possibility to use customized tails of any type and shape. The inward-facing appendages can move during the retrieval phases like a true propeller. It lends itself to slow and fast retrieval over the vegetation or also to powerful jerks-strokes. The Supernato Frog is armed with a double and strong OMTD Custom hook.
Body Length: 6,3 cm (2.1/2 in)
Tail Length: 5,2 cm (2 in)
Total Length: 11,5 cm (4.1/2 in)
Total Weight: 22 g (3/4 oz)
Deep Range: SURFACE




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