AC 30SS Area Crank Slim

Product Description

AC30 Slim is a small and compact crank bait designed for the Trout Area Fishing. It is characterized by the tight wobbling with an extremely attractive movement. The Slow Sinking action allows you to search for the trouts in the deeper layers of water. It works great with very slow retrivals and it is ideal to stimulate the aggressiveness of the apathetic trouts or in the final stages of a competition. It is equipped with two barbless OMTD Custom hooks 8 size, ideal for areas with no kill regulations and Trouts area Tournaments.
Length: 3 cm (1.1/4 in)
Weight: 1,6 g (1/16 oz)
PE Line: 0.25 to 0.5
Deep range: 50 to 150 cm (1.6 to 5 feet)

HOOKS: OH3900 (#10), OH3200L (#8)


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