FC45/MR Finesse crankbait

Product Description

The FC45/MR is a small compact bait made for finesse cranking and sneaky presentations. It has a tight wobbling action perfect for those situations where you need to imitate the right forage fish. The FC45/MR is an excellent choice when things are tougher than usual and fish either jaw-locked or hunting on very small baitfish. This is not exclusively a Black Bass lure, in fact it has way more applications with predators like perch or aggressive barbels, chubs or asps.
Length: 4,5 cm (1.3/4 in)
Weight: 5 gr (3/16 oz)
Deep range: 100 to 200 cm (3.2 to 7 feet)

HOOKS: OH3600 (#1), OH3100 (#4)