DM 120

Product Description

The DM 120 is the original Darter Minnow designed by Molix to fit those special circumstances so as to require the use of a different lure. The spots and circumstances where its performance stand out are the low reefs, estuaries and heavy sea with strong headwind. The original aerodynamic profile together with the lack of any type of bib, allows the angler to use it in water otherwise too shallow for a traditional minnow and to be able to cast it to spot otherwise beyond reach with other style of hard baits. The slim body and hydrodynamic come from the latest survey on solid forms developed by Molix’ technical staff, a careful analysis of the profile will bring to mind the design of the famous Japanese Shinkansen, the “bullet train”. THE DM 120 has a very sexy action and sends off vibrations either retrieved slowly and at high speed. When jerked slides wide and develops – supported by the innovative holographic films, MVT Molix Virtual Texture – a great eye-catching combination.
Action: Floating
Length: 12 cm (4-5/8in)
Weight: 11,5 g (3/8 oz)


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