HS 45

Product Description

The HS 45 by Molix is a modern lipless shrimp with external keel. A project whose objective is to offer a finesse hard bait that can be used either with a horizontal retrieve or through the entire water column. Worked on the bottom with jerks and sudden releases, develops a wobbling action during the fall that spreads a lot of vibration, certainly one of its most interesting features. Taking advantage of the “stand-up” position, you can combine a deep retrieve with vertical hops alternated with short breaks when the shrimp will sit on the bottom in a natural posture producing a deep irritation of predators, which confused by the realism of the bait, will be ready to attack as soon as it gets back into action. Eclectic bait, will help us solve many and distinct situations even difficult ones, with uninterested or wary fish. Must try the HS 45 with bream, sea bass, perch and other predators of small and medium size.
Action: Sinking
Length: 4.5 cm (1-3/4in)
Weight: 4 g (5/32oz)


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