JS 95 (Jointed Sandeel)

Product Description

It is the imitation of a small eel, preferred prey of many saltwater and freshwater predators. The mouths of rivers and brackish environments are definitely its best spots. Its special action is successful in many different environments. It does not need to be retrieved particularly fast to be attractive; linear retrievals are those that enhance his sinuous swimming and vibrant action. It is excellent when you use it used in shallow water. Main target is the sea bass and it perform well, with excellent results, in freshwater for predators like Black Bass, Perch and chub.
Length: 9,5 cm (3.3/4 in)
Weight: 7,5 gr (1/4 oz)
Deep range: 15 to 100 cm (0.5 to 3.2 feet)

HOOKS: OH1700 (#2)


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