Jubar Smart 70 FS

Product Description

The high weight in relation to its volume improves casting performances of this compact ABS classic jerkbait. The fast sinking action speeds up the sinking phases, and allows you to probe even the deepest areas where the largest predators live. The Jubar 70 Fast Sinking (FS) is characterized by a lively and attractive swimming action with every type of retrievals: linear and slow or more frenetic and jerked. It faces without problems the strong currents, and for this feature it can be used both in the sea and fresh waters. Is excellent for trout fishing in rivers.
Weight: 10 g (3/8 oz)
Length: 7 cm (2.3/4 in)
Deep Range: 130 to 180 cm (4 to 5.9 feet)

HOOKS: OH1700 (#1), OH2100 (#1)


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