Jugulo Jerk 140LC

Product Description

It is an innovative Jerk bait that incorporates all the best features of the bigger model of 18 centimeters. It can be casted easily without flickering, maintaining a clean and linear position. You can use it , with excellent results, on shallow waters searching for  seabass and bluefish.It is equally effective for pelagics in deeper water in offshore fishing. The armor is stainless steel and is armed with three treble hooks of high quality. It incorporates the renewed Molix’s  system of transferable weights D.L.S. (Dynamic Load System) that enhances the versatility of this lure maintaining an optimal structure in swimming position and during the twitching action. During linear retrievals  the combination of rolling and wobbling characterize a very natural swimming action. During the twitching action the skids are large and irregular.
Length: 14 cm (5.1/2 in)
Weight: 14 g (1/2 oz)
Deep range: 60 to 120 cm (2 to 4 feet)

HOOKS: OH2100 (#1), OH2900 (#2)



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