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Discover a new boundary of squid and cuttlefish fishing with Molix’ Millerighe. Shaped, dressed, armed and produced with high quality raw materials, the Millerighe is an eclectic and easy to use lure. The carbon “smooth bend” needles improve the hoop up ratio and do not cut the tentacles of the predator. The patterns are translucent and lifelike to attract the attention of the prey. The unique shape of the keel, designed exclusively for Molix, allows a more erratic action of the bait and a perfect balance on each jerk.

Sink Rate: 2,5-2,6 sec/m
EGI 3 Length: 10cm (4in)

EGI 3 Weight: 16.5 g (5/8oz)

Sink Rate: 2,6-2,7 sec/m
EGI 2.5 Length: 8 cm (3-1/4in)

EGI 2.5 Weight: 11.5 g (3/8oz)



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