Pencil Popper 200T

Product Description

It’s the new born of the “Tarpon” topwater series and satisfies the need for a lure of above average length and a thin profile. Thanks to the particular shape of the mouth, it produces turbulence that attract the predators. It has all the benefits of a reinforced ABS construction, 1.5mm stainless steel through armor and high quality extra strong SW treble hooks. It is effective both shore and boat fishing and its action is customizable through long bubble tunnels or short ‘’pop and stop’’ which produce a distinctive attractive sound. Despite being a pencil-popper, it also lends itself to being used with the classic WTD retrieval. Carved and developed in the Jack Fin workshop with artisan techniques, it has all the features and details of a collector’s bait. Developed for Mediterranean predators such as Bluefishes, Barracudas and Leerfishes, it is also able to withstand the strong stresses of medium / heavy fishing in tropical waters.

Weight: 44 g (1.1/2 oz)
Length: 20 cm (8 in)

HOOKS: OH2100 (#4/0), OH2900 (#3/0)


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