Punitor 85

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Product Description

The design of the Punitor 85 bait comes from the pen of César Pecellín of Molix Spain, renowned Spanish artist and fisherman, inspired by the Jubar. The designers of Molix have worked for a long time before reaching the ultimate goal, to create a top water of reduced dimensions that casts well and swim even when strong wind is blowing. The classic zigzag motion, “walking the dog”, starts as soon as you put the line under tension even with slight movements of the tip. Retrieved with energy flickers on the water as a prey about to be being hit, triggering the rapacious instinct of the predators. The compact size and the way the Punitor 85 sits in the water, even when completely still, offer advantages over wary predators both in fresh water and at sea.
Length: 8.5 cm (3-3/8in)
Weight: 10g (3/8oz)


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