Product Description

The SJM100 is Molix new jerk minnow, a bait with a compact shape a very large eyes and accurate detail which make him not only very alluring for predators but also a larger target once they hit the lure increasing the strike ratio. This lure feature a very good aerodynamic shape, it casts far with accuracy and the ovesized bib guarantees great balance and stability even in presence of current and turbulence. The swimming action is quite unique, when jerked can easily skid but when retrieved regularly delivers a great wobbling and rolling action. Both the body and the bib are being built with high quality ABS for improved sturdiness. Same applies for the 3D body surface treatment which improves the durability of the colors and their overall appearance. The SJM100 is reccomended for any freshwater and saltwater predator.

Length: 10 cm (4 in)
Weight: 17 g (5/8 oz)
Deep Range: 100 to 160 cm (3.2 to 5.2 feet)


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