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With the Thasis Jig, Molix redefines the concept of the popular Japanese Kabura jig. The Thasis is the connecting link between the classic kabura and the inchiku. It was designed following a well-defined hydrodynamic concept with a precise shape that, combined with a special silicone rubber skirt, makes it very similar to a real squid, the favorite food of all marine predators. When in action this jig produces a lot of vibrations, hopping or gliding underwater in erratic manner. Thanks to the double eyelet studied by Molix, the Thasis Jig perfectly works with strong currents or in shallow water. The smaller models, from 5 g and 7 g, have become cult lures among the Rockfishing fishermen.

Action: Sinking – Kabura style & Rockfishing (5g & 7g)
Weights: 5 g (3/166oz) <> 7 g (1/4oz) <> 25 g (7/8oz) <> 35 g (1 1/4oz) <> 70 g (2 1/2oz) <> 100 g (3 1 / 2oz) <> 150 g (5 1/4oz) <> 180 g (6 3/8oz)


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