RA Grub 6”

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Product Description

It is a soft bait developed from the body of the Ra Shad 3.8”. It keeps the high density mixture and the aroma of shrimp and fish extract. At the end of the body, the small tail with a sickle shape, gives particular vibrations that are extremely attractive; particularly in clear waters or in very “pressed” waters. The bait is versatile and lends itself well to triggers dropshot, Texas and Carolina rigs but it is also used as a trailer for spinnerbait; the color chart contains suitable colors for the bass and also for other predators fishing like perch fishing and seabass.
Length: 15,25 cm (6 in)

HOOKS: OH1900 (#2/0), OH1600 (#2/0), OH1100 (#2/0), OH2700 (#2/0), OH1500 (#2/0)
JIG HEADS: OJ1300 (#2/0), OJ1500 (#2/0), OJ200 (#2/0), OJ400 (#2/0), OJ300 (#2/0)


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